Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 5, 2005


which has me in it's clutches. from the moment i wake up and spin into the venetian to closing my curtains on the strip before i lay my head to sleep. missmeghan thought she'd be posting every moment of the day but the truth is, she got caught on row 5100 of the venetian suites where the hottest shoe designers are now residing: due farina, beatrix ong, eileen sheilds, loeffler randall, etro, missoni, kat chouteau, nancy nancy, kristen lee, satine and all their lines, manuela morin, leflesh, jour& nuit, elizabeth bartlett, maloles, olivia morris. and keep in mind my pretties this is only one hall of five floors with three halls each! i haven't even made it to the main convention center! miss meghan is in shoe heaven but her dogs are barking!