Miss Meghan, Fashion Advice

August 4, 2005


doesn't everyone at least once in their life? i am now safely ensconced in the press center at WSA where there are no slot machines unlike the airport gate, the bathroom, the lobby, the lobby and did i mention the lobby? also starbucks is more expensive here that in NY! i topped 5$ for a soy decaf iced latte! okay you know the only reason i go to starbucks is because they have the tasty soy milk not the plain hippie kind. and they always have it! not because i am down with starbucks plan to take over the world.

am going to many style talks this week and i cant wait. donald pliner, richard tyler--oooh dont you just love his creations--and a street scene footwear talk with vibe mag.

ok. also i am so glad the internal debate i had earlier about whether to wear my ballet flat callistes or my 3 in chie miharas ended in favor of the flats. since i have walked about 4 hotel miles so far. hotel mile is carpeted and air conditioned, a bit different than an actual mile, but still.